Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama's Stimulus Bill: A Strategy for Technology Investment

President Barack Obama signed his $787 billion economic stimulus bill in February 17, 2009(Ref.

Among the $787 billion stimulus bill, total of $102 billion will be dedicated for technology related investments such as broadband communications, smart grids, health care, energy, and R&D for sciences and engineering (Ref.

Recent cover story, titled "Can Technology Save the Economy?", in June 2009 issue of Technology Review ( expressed a concern over the stimulus bill's technology spending:

1. It offends conventional macroeconomic theory (short-term boon and labor intensive);
2. It could bring confusion for stimulus bill's immediate help for economy with technology's long-term role in creating economic growth.

A strategy for technology stimulus bill might be making roadmap for the detailed investment plan and time schedule for outcomes' role in creating economic growth. A proposal for short-term investment might be building the national knowledge infrastructure (integrated DB for science and engineering articles, intellectual properties, knowledge portals for innovation mining etc), which is labor intensive and short-term boon for long-term planning.

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