Sunday, July 5, 2009

RFID Patent Landscape for Market Leader: Intermec vs. Motorola

Research for RFID patents issued by USPTO before January 1, 2009 shows that Motorola, merged with Symbol appeared to be a strong contender in RFID market leader competitions.

In case of top assignee analysis shows that Micron Technology including Micron Communications is a leader in the RFID technology innovations followed by Intermec, IBM and Motorola.

A patent portfolio analysis of Intermec and Motorola shows that Intermec and Motorola have very similar portfolios. Detailed comparison shows that Intermec has relative competitive advantage in tag antenna and tag packing and Motorola has relative competitive advantage in reader design and tracking application solution.

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Danish Smith said...

RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles to pet tags to food anywhere that a unique identification system is needed.

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