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RFID Patent Analysis References

RFID Innovation Frontline
by TechIPm, LLC (

RFID Innovation Frontline 2009 1Q analyzes the utility patents issued in the United States (US) before January 1, 2009. Since the patent information are changed over time, this report only reflects the technology innovations landscape up to the time the analysis is conducted.


1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

2.1 What is RFID Innovation Frontline?

2.2 What’s in RFID Innovation Frontline?

2.3 Mining Process for RFID Innovation Frontline

3. IF Statistics

3.1 Number of Patents by Year

3.2 Number of Patents by Assignee

3.3 Number of Patents by Assignee’s Nationality

3.4 Number of Patents by UPC

3.5 Number of Patents by US Family

3.6 Number of Patents by International Family

3.7 Number of Patents by Forward Citation

4. IF Analytics

4.1 Customized Classifications Used in RFID Innovation Frontline

4.2 Cites per Patent

4.3 Patent Impact Index

4.4 Patent Family Size

4.5 PFS vs. CPP Matrix

4.6 Technology Development Snapshot for UHF Tag Antenna

5. IF Enterprise

5.1 Number of Patents by Assignees for Customized Classifications

5.2 Patent Portfolio by Assignee

5.3 Activity Index for Intermec’s RFID Patents

5.4 Citations Matrix for Intermec’s RFID Patents

5.5 Competitor Analysis: Intermec vs. Motorola

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RFID Patent Documents Classifications and Patent FamilyManagement Using Decision Tree and Networks Analysis
by Chi-Hung Su, Chih-Ming Lou
in International Conference on Business and Information

RFID patent analysis can track how the patent strategy and RFID technology development of their competitors has varied over time and analysis the patent portfolio of potential acquisition targets. In this study, RFID patent analysis is conducted by using patent guider software and the RFID patent document issued in United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database. In addition, a decision tree classification is applied to classify the RFID patent documents and a network analysis is utilized to map the RFID patent family and patent cooperation treaty. The results show that the RFID technology lies in the technology development stage of the technology life cycle now. The companies "Micron Technology", "Intermec IP Corp.", "IBM Corporation", "Micron Communications, Inc." and "Symbol Technologies" are the key patentee of RFID patents. The RFID manufacturers or RFID end users need to make a good strategy to pay royalties to gain the authority of RFID patents from these critical companies. The results of this study show that an appropriate categorization for RFID patent documents can assist the RFID patent read and analysis. The analysis results of RFID patent family can be used to develop the RFID patent portfolios in future.


RFID: Technology, Applications and Market Potential
by BCC research (


Intermec vs. Matrics (Now Symbol)-6/7/2004
Symbol vs. Intermec-3/10/2005
Intermec vs. Symbol vs. Intermec - 9/8/2005
Alien vs. Intermec-6/1/2006

RFID Patent Update
by Sourland Mountain Associates LLC (


RFID Patent Map

Numerical Patent Overview

RFID Patent Activity

RFID Patent Assignments

Qualitative Analysis

RFID Patent Classifications

Technical Quality Ratings

Patent Ownership

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