Monday, June 15, 2009

Global RFID Competitive Advantage from Patent Mining

A chart for PFS vs. CPP matrix obtained from patent data for a specific technology may be used to show a competitive advantage landscape in a global market place.

Here PFS (Patent Family Size) is the number of international families (foreign patent applications) for a specific technology sub-class divided by the total number patents for all classes and CPP (Cites per patent) is a mean value of citations received by a specific technology sub-class from subsequent patents.

A class with high value of PFS means that this technology sub-class may have be competitive in market share of emerging global market compare to other technology sub-classes.

High CPP value is often associated with important innovations, which are key to future development in technology innovations.

Thus a specific technology sub-class located in the upper right corner of the matrix chart (high value both in PFS and CPP) may can have competitive advantage compare to other classes in developing a successful market globally.

Research for the US RFID patent issued before January 1, 2009 shows that tag antenna, tag architecture, and reader protocol are the RFID technology areas that have a competitive advantage with the further development of international IPR.

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Danish Smith said...

As large retailers and security concerns are both increasing, organizations are making RFID tracking more stringent, thus propelling the growth of the market further.

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