Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patent Mining Process for RFID Innovation Frontline

Step 1. Getting Patent Data:

•Patent Data Base Used in the Research: USPTO PAIR, WIPSGlobal, and Delphion

•Searching Method: keyword search for RFID and its variations such as IC tag, RF card, and RF label etc.

•Field of Search: front page (title, abstract, references etc.) and the first independent claim of a patent issued before January, 1, 2009

Step 2. Cleaning: review the keyword searched patent data for excluding design patents and patents whose subject field is not directly related with RFID (e.g. CallerID) The number of patents reduces to 2559 from 3703 initially keyword searched patents in this step.

Step 3. Statistical analysis: analyze the bibliographical information .

Step 4. Customized technology classifications: classification by RFID expert.

Step 5. Analytical analysis: quantitative and qualitative analysis for patent data categorized by the customized classifications.

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