Thursday, May 14, 2009

Innovation Indicators Used in RFID Innovation Frontline

An innovation indicator is a quantitative measure for technological innovation.

1. CPP:

Cites per patent (CPP) is a mean value of citations received by a specific patent class from subsequent patents. High CPP value is often associated with important innovations,which are key to future development in technology innovations.

2. PII:

Patent Impact Index (PII) is the CPP for a specific patent class divided by the CPP for all classes. A class with PII higher than 1 means that this class consists of high qualitypatents for competitiveness in technology innovations compare to other classes.

3. PFS:

Patent Family Size (PFS) is the number of international families (foreign patentapplications) for a specific patent class divided by the total number patents for all classes. A class with high value of PFS means that this class may have be competitive in marketshare of emerging global market compare to other classes.

4. AI:

Activity Index (AI) is a measure of a company’s innovation activities in a specific technology field.

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