Friday, May 1, 2009

RFID Innovation Frontline 2009 1Q: Introduction

RFID Innovation Frontline is a research report on the technology innovations landscape for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID Innovation Frontline utilizes patent information to assess the state of the art for technology innovations in RFID.

RFID Innovation Frontline 2009 1Q analyzes the utility patents issued in the United States (US) before January 1, 2009. Since the patent information are changed over time, this report only reflects the technology innovations landscape up to the time the analysis is conducted.

RFID Innovation Frontline is based on the statistical and analytical methods for mining patent information. Research for RFID Innovation Frontline is done by an expert both in intellectual property (IP) and technology subject matter.

RFID Innovation Frontline can be used by customers for:
•Trend analysis for RFID technology/product/market forecasting
•Planning RFID technology/business strategy
•Competitive Intelligence for RFID industry
•IP strategy for RFID R&D
•Opportunity analysis for RFID technology licensing

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