Monday, May 10, 2021

AI Blockchain IoT Convergence for ESG Digital Transformation Webinar

Two key words for the post COVID-19 pandemic economic recovery will be the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management and digital transformation acceleration.

It is also expected that three core technologies in the data-centric digital economy - AI, Blockchain, IoT and their convergence - will support a long-term sustainable economic system development. 

Combining the two key words and three core technologies, Alex G. Lee, Ph.D., Esq. ( will present how the AI, Blockchain, IoT and their convergence will enable the ESG digital transformation.

Alex will present the state of the art innovations of AI, Blockchain, IoT and their convergence, demos of specific implementations of the convergence systems, and use cases for the ESG digital transformation. 

Specifically, based on AI, Blockchain, IoT related patents and ESG related reports analysis, Alex will present specific technical details about the use cases in the most important 10 sub-fields of ESG digital transformation -

E: environmental sustainability, natural resources, climate change, energy & pollution, waste management; S: social responsibility, human rights, business relationship; G: corporate governance, code of conduct.

Alex will also present the industry-wise ESG performance maps, which can be used with the ESG digital transformation analysis in selecting best-in-class portfolio companies for ESG investment.

Place: Online Zoom meeting

Time: May 20, 2021 7 pm – 9.30 pm Eastern Time/EDT (US and Canada)

          May 20, 2021 4 pm – 6.30 pm Pacific Time/PST (US and Canada)

          May 21, 2021 8 am – 10.30 am GMT+9 Time Zone (S. Korea and Japan)


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