Thursday, March 11, 2021

(Presentation Video) Blockchain DeFi Platform Design & Development Webinar

Part I Blockchain DeFi New Ecosystem

Data Tokenomics: Filecoin/Ocean Protocol/SingularityDAO

DeFi for Off-chain Assets: OpenDAO

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Part II Blockchain DeFi Liquidity Pool & Mining

Bonding Curves for Liquidity Pools/Automated Market Makers/NFT

Constant Function Market Makers

Automatic Asset Allocation and Aggregation for Yield Farming

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Part III Blockchain DeFi Token

Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoins

Token Engineering/Monetary Policy: Pool token supply & distribution & pricing & incentive

Governance Tokens

Part IV Blockchain System

Blockchain interoperability/scalability/privacy/security

Layer 1 (Ethereum/Cosmos/Polkadot) & 2 (Plasma/ZK rollups) Systems/Gas Fee Reduction

Money Legos/Composability

Patent Development

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Part V Risk Management

Technical Risks: smart code vulnerability/front-running attack

Financial Risks: collateral risk/exploitation of flash loans/impermanent loss

Legal/Regulatory Risks: SEC/FinCEN/FATF/GDPR

Part VI AI Applications

AI for Blockchain System

AI & Blockchain for Finance

AI for DeFi Asset Management: yield farming optimization/AI advisor

AI for DeFi Trading: algorithmic trading/arbitration bots

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Summary in Korean

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